Max Walk Speed is not being modified by an Event


I am trying to a very simple trick to double the speed of my character while overlapping a certain area but the script just doesn’t seem to work.
Could you have a look?

I am very very new to Blueprint programming so I would appreciate if you make it simple.


Your character movement variable isn’t set to anything. You have to drag is down from here:


Hello ClockworkOcean and thank you for your answer.
The thing is that I’m dragging it from the FIrstPersonCharacter blueprint’s component list to my Trigger blueprint and it doesn’t show up. It’s like nothing happens. Either on the Event Graph or the Component list it doesn’t matter.

Any clue what is happening? Maybe a data is protected or something?

So you grab that ‘characterMovement’ line from the components view and drag it into your event graph, and it wont let you?..

Ah, ah… you can’t drag it into another BP. You can only use that variable in the character BP…

You have to send a message to the character BP using BP interfaces. You can’t just drag a variable.

Level BP and character BP are special cases, you can’t talk between them as easily as other BPs. Sorry, I know it’s a pain…

Thank you so much!! It worked! :slight_smile:

I would suggest you add a trigger Volume to your level and asign it an “actor tag” - in my example “Speedy”. Than in your character you check in the overlap event and put your logic there. You could do it the other way around to make a new actor from the volume and put in logic there or even in levelBP as well - but as far as what I guess what you want to do my approach is quite simple.

Here the link to the Blueprint part of your character

This is where you set the Actor Tag (not component tag, that is something different)


Thank you so much! I will try this!

problem solved? than please check the answer as correct