Max walk speed dosn't effect actual walk speed?!

Hello, idk. Maybe its just a bug, because i made this running function always like that.
So here ist it:

I looks like that it updates the value, but the character dosnt move faster at all.
And it works when i edit the value manualy.

And my running animations works as it should:

Have you tried using a BlendSpace 1D?

your idle run state should look like this


it seems that you may need to look into watching this video series

there should not be a can enter transition. you do not set speed in a transition between states. your idle/run should be at your entry point in the anim graph

it can be a blend space 1 d or 2d it dont really matter as i have used both in different blueprints.

below is a normal state machine made in the tutorials i linked. please follow the tutorial series and your running will work.

The Blending works!
But the character dosnt move faster, the animation is executed when holding shift, but the character walks with the same speed.

Edit: I made a Bendspace and it happend something interesting.
The Blenspace is jiggling between the walk und running animation.
I think that the Max Walk Speed is switching between 320 and 640, but idk why!!!
My Project is currently very small and i dont have an other function where i manipulate the Max Walk Speed

Nothing new?

This is so easy a caveman can do it… ummmm in the character blueprint, there need to be a button press to make him run…in that button press drag in the characters movement component…drag out of it and type set max walk speed…when button is pressed set it to what you want the max speed to be…then when you release that button…set it back to the normal speed…

TADAH! Magic!

If thats not clear enough try this >>>