Max to Unreal Workflow

Hey all,

Bit of a newbie but stay with me, I’m looking for some advice or pointing in the right direction.

Basicly I work in converting point clouds of buildings to models for various uses.

Currently everything gets modelled up and rendered in Max, if possible I would like to be able to export the scene directly out from Max and form a carbon copy in Unreal.

We have done a few tests so far but its like the blind leading the blind so just looking for any pointers, tuts etc.

Cheers all :slight_smile:

If you do a search there’s many tutorials out there, it’s a very simple matter to export out an FBX from Max and import to UE4.

Step one is always get you idea into UE4 as soon as possible to see if it works.

The magic is not that UE4 is unique to 3ds Max, expect for a real time interaction sub-system, but rather or not 3ds Max > FBX > Unreal 4 does support the elements as exported. FBX is a DCC wrapper that can contain almost everything just this side of being a native file format so if it’s contained in the wrapper than it’s up to Unreal 4 to extract the data in a way that maintains continuity of design.