Max to Unreal Studio Workflow questions and suggestions

Hi, we work in the architectural area with big datasets but more importantly, we work directly with architects and designers and are constantly updating the design and the visualization.
In Max we have a main scene, this scene consists of the Xrefs (external files) so multiple people can work on the project in the various xrefs, while one person can concentrate on the overall scene. These xref scenes also are linked to Xref object material libraries. So they all used shared material libraries.

In Unreal we try to keep the Xref structure, at the moment we try to do that with various sublevels. We really would like to use Unreal Studio for quick (pre) visualisation and quick animation, but the current workflow is not optimal. Working with various people on one project is almost impossible without setting up a source control system, which we find very time consuming and cumbersome.
Furthermore the amount fo double/triple/quadruple data makes one Unreal project extremely big.

We have one project that has 20 different versions of one building, we really need an improved workflow.


How can we update a datasmith imported scene/level without constantly having to redo the lightmass settings?
How can we avoid getting double geometry when updating a Datasmith scene?
How can we avoid double materials when reimporting a Datasmith scene?

Creating a central material library and object library is a big time saver, we find Asset management in Unreal very limited, are there ways to create library which you can easily import from without migrating and dragging and dropping.

So far Unreal Studio has been very impressive (visually) but the workflow is not optimal, hopefull someone can point me in the right direction.


O. Curiƫre
OC Graphics

You are not the first mentioning something along those lines. I am interested chatting with you about it privately to understand your workflow better. Can you ping me at