Max sessions in the Find session node

I am new to unreal and i am trying to make an online game to play with my friends, and while i was building the matchmaking system i was wondering what are the limits of the find session node. The integer you have to feed into the node sets the maximum number of sessions the node will have to find before stopping, but what if that integer was 10000 or more, (let’s suppose i have 10000 friends playing and each one creates a session) will it find all the 10000 sessions? And what about the distance? Will i be able to find a session created by a friend in america (i live in italy) ?
The online documentation says close to nothing about this node and i couldn’t find those infos anywhere.

hello Marvash

Find Session Node purpose is to find (all) the sessions in the specified server no matter how many are them , as for the max sessions input , its purpose is just to limit the number of session results , as for your question about you living in Italy and your friend lives in America you can find him easily if you and him are using for example a steam online subsystem. (Its all about your online subsystem).

Thanks for the answer, now i finally know what to expect from this node (i am already using steam subsystem so everything is cool).

Cool have fun :slight_smile:

Depending on the online subsystem you are using the number might vary.

We just learned the hard way (after release…), that for instance with the Steam online subsystem it will only find ** up to 50 sessions**, as the CreateSession node is using bUsesPresence=true (hardcoded, see UCreateSessionCallackProxy::Activate()), what in turn leads to sessions being created as lobby sessions on Steam (hardcoded, see FOnlineSessionSteam::CreateSession()).

Steam on the other hand will only list up to 50 results if using ISteamMatchmaking::RequestLobbyList() (see Steam Matchmaking & Lobbies (Steamworks Documentation) ), leading in turn to only getting up to 50 results via the FOnlineAsyncTaskSteamFindLobbies, which is being used by the Find Sessions blueprint node…

Regarding distance: The FOnlineAsyncTaskSteamFindLobbies uses Steam’s k_ELobbyDistanceFilterDefault setting for the distance filter (again, see Steam Matchmaking & Lobbies (Steamworks Documentation) ), so it will try to stick to nearby sessions. Sadly that’s hardcoded as well, in FOnlineAsyncTaskSteamFindLobbiesBase::CreateQuery()

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So how did this end up being resolved? Because I have the same problem.