Max path length for installation


A couple weeks ago I downloaded engine version 4.24.1 and created a project on it. Its been working fine, but today I couldn’t open the project through the project file in my external hard drive.

I checked the library, and saw that the engine version was gone. I tried to install it again, and it worked fine until I got a message saying that the install was failed because the path length is too long. This is weird, as I have several other engine versions downloaded to the same path, and it has worked flawlessly before. Why would the path length suddenly be too long?
The path is B:\Programfiler\Epic Games\Engines.
The error code is IS-PL01.

If anyone know what the problem could be, please let me know.
One thing I should let you know is that my project file is located

I didn’t get the same install location to work, but found somewhere else I could download to. Still doesn’t explain what happened with the other folder, but at least its fixed now.