Max/Min roll wheeled vehicle mesh

I’m doing a snowmobile game, I’ve done the snowmobile using the wheeled vehicle blueprint but the problem is that because the snowmobile(mesh) is so narrow it will be so wobbly to drive and you start rolling around almost all the time. I wonder how to lock so that it can only roll between max 45 degrees and min -45 degrees around the X axis?

Here is an image that describes what I want to achieve. ( it´s the front veiw of the snowmobile )

Thanks that made the snowmobile more stable, but because it is a snowmobile game you have to be able to lean the snowmobile a bit around the x-axis, I do that by moving the center of the masses to the right / left, but when it leans more than a certain angle, it rolls around, I want to avoid that, and that’s why I want to limit the roll to 45°/-45°.