Max/Min Height for Landscape

How does one change the maximum and minimum height for a landscape? I am currently sculpting one in the editor (no imported heightmap), but it has a really low height range for my world–my world has a lot of variation in height. I remember this was possible in UDK, but I cannot figure out how to do it in UE4. The easy way around is to use multiple landscapes, but that is expensive and more than I need.


Did you figure this out ?

Since this was posted so long ago, I’m sure you’ve probably already figured out how to do this, but just in case… all you really have to do to adjust the maximum and minimum height on a landscape is change the Z scale higher or lower when you create it. If you have is set low, your landscape will have a low height limit, and if you have it set high it will have a high one. You can change this after the fact as well by selecting the landscape and then adjusting the Z scale in the details panel, but if you’re using a heightmap for your landscape and already have a lot of detail, setting in when you create the landscape is best.

For anyone who is still struggling with this as I have just been… I’ve found this workaround… Simply create a smaller landscape and mould this to the top of your (in my case) mountain then you can sculpt away even higher… Prob not the best workaround but will work for me.