Max Map Size - 3gb ???

Hey Devs,
is there a max map Size of 3gb, if it should be playable in Multiplayer?

I updated yesterday my “Epic Islands” map, the size was then more than 3gb.
In Singleplayer all worked fine…
But in Multiplayer everyone got an Error^^

Now I made a Backup to the last working Version and it works on Multiplayer too.

I hope anyone can say me what´s the exact max Map Size (for MP) is.

my map is 4gb and works fine so far

If you have errors always post them, otherwise no one can tell you why you are getting them.

Here´s the log:
It´s from another forum from a player on my map, sorry for the bad quality, my own was not saved^^

Last time I got an error like this, there was more information than here…

your map on Steam has only 231.729 MB…
My map has 2,974.122 MB^^

yeah my map is so big it broke the steam counter, dont know why, previous update it was 91gb (but it was still only 4gb)

Judging by that error, there’s an array that’s being incorrectly handled. If you’re sure it’s from your map that’s causing the crash, double check any arrays you’re handling in your level BP’s or actors graphs that you’ve pre-placed in the world especially between the two versions(broken and working).

By incorrectly handled I mean trying to “get” an index that doesn’t exist, trying to “set” an index that doesn’t exist, things along those lines.


Just checked my current map on steam is 3.8gb I know it doesnt say that but it is

I checked now the complete level blueprint, but I have only added new postprocessvolumes…
(onpostprocessentered - onpostprocessleft)

Do you really think, thats the problem why the map is working in singleplayer but not in multiplayer (server) ?