Max Jump Hold Time alternative for Launch Char

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a problem regarding double jumping (definitely not the first one on this forum). In the past I have been using the jump function for this mechanic, with the Max Jump Count at 2. I recently decided to change this mechanic to instead use Launch Character, and it works great for the most part! The only thing i’m missing from before is the Max Jump Hold Time, which gave me the opportunity to implement more control for the jumping.

I was wondering if there is an alternative for Max Jump Hold Time, but instead made for the Launch Character function.
I would greatly appreciate any form for response, and thanks in advance!

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Hey there!

You could try using “Get Input Key Time Down” node to count how long the jump button has been pressed. Then, create a variable like “jump key time” to store that value. So, when you call the “Launch Character” node put a Branch node in front of it to check if “jump key time” is <= “max time” and if false, it will stop calling the “Launch Character” node.

Maybe a node does exist, but I’m not aware of it, haha.