Max file conversion with Datasmith

Is Datasmith going to have a units option at export. Having to convert my max system units to cm every time I want to export out to UE4 is a pain since I use feet and inches. FBX has it why not datasmith?

Yes nice request.

Because it is doing the conversion for you already. Can you point me to an example where this doesn’t work?

I thought it did. I’m using 4.18.3 first person template. When I go to gameplay mode I have an eye level if a giant. My first person pawn is at the correct height but not during game play sonI assumed it was a scale thing. Thoughts?

Are you sure your max file is set correctly? I had the same problem but it was the actual settings in max. A lot of artists don’t care about the correct scale in max because it often doesn’t matter and isn’t noticeable when you work in your max bubble.

Yep…units are set correctly. Not to metric, but to feet and inches.