Max 2016 (fbx 2014/15) and ue4.11 issue

Def an ue4 issue, as reimporting the .fbx into max/zbrush shows proper uv-maps.
max 2016 with lastest sp’s, latest 4.11 version of ue4.

to the devs, i got a max-file with this mesh, if its exported as .fbx it will mess up ue4’s import for uv’s, it totally ignores the uv-scaling. any other program works fine but ue4 in this regard. exporting as obj, importing into 3dsmax again, then exporting as .fbx works.

if a dev can provide me with an email, i will send the maxfile (and fbx) to you so you can perhaps find a bug in your .fbx importing.

Hi Luos,

This doesn’t seem to be an issue with the engine importer based on the information provided. This issue is specific to this asset or specific assets and isn’t a consistent problem (meaning we have been able to import .fbx files without issues on our end with the same workflow).

I have a few troubleshooting steps that you can try to see if this fixes your issue.

  1. Go to the utility tab and Click “Reset XForm” while your asset is selected then export.
  2. If that doesn’t work select all of the elements of your asset while in editable poly modifier and duplicate your mesh as another element. Then delete the original element and reset XForm. Then export.

See the screenshot if you need to see where Reset XForm is located. If your issue still persists you can send me the asset through the forums in a private message. My account name is on the forums.


Bit offended that you think I dont know what reset Xform is.
Not so offended that I feel like telling you… oh wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

Me and a few buddies checked out the .max file and .fbx file and there are apparently multiple uv-maps in the mesh available, ue4 just doesnt see them.
ipackthat, zbrush, any fbx-importable piece of software sees them but ue4 did not.

This was a rare instance though, as it never happened to me before.
nontheless I think it might be wise to check out the file to see if anything might need an update on ue4’s side.

Basically the mesh had four uv-sets if I am correct, but ue4 only imported UV3 as UV0, and ignored the other uv’s as a whole.

also, at the moment there is no access to the forums because … well you know why.

Yes, forums are currently down but personal email is not an option at this time either. You will just have to wait until the forum is accessible again before sending the PM.

Also, an alternative method of sending your files privately is to click the drop down arrow next to “Viewable by all users” and select “Original poster and moderators” This will be a bit more convenient if you are okay with this method. (attaching screenshot just to provide as much info as possible no harm intended)

yea… thats something only admins/staff can do :stuck_out_tongue:

and even though I appear to have some admin rights, thats not one of em.

Hey Luos. Sorry about that, I thought these options were available.

Go ahead and email me the file I’ll pass it along to Ed.

stephen, will do it first thing in the morning. (besides breathing, bathing, getting out of bed, not in that order)

whut? did stephen not get my email?

Stephen didn’t receive your email so why don’t we try mine.

I was unable to reproduce this issue given the steps and information provided. If you are able to give a detailed list of steps to consistently reproduce this issue feel free to comment on this post and reopen the ticket.


Hey Ed, - YouTube there you go.
its a 30 min video of me doing my regular-ish workflow and it shows the uv-map issue I mentioned before.
16:30 is where the uv-issue is really shown, all the way down to the last minute.

Attached is a zipfile with .fbx/.obj/.max files that might contain the issues.
I do suggest to take a cup of coffee or tea and watch the whole thing.

Due to the other post ( 4.13P3 Texture Bug - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums ) my best bet is zbrush .fbx causing it, but… i am not sure.
Which is why i provided quite a few .fbx/obj/max stuff so one of you guys (I heard there is a dedicated .fbx guy at epic) can go trough it and see whats up.

its 1 am now, should be up in 6 hours… so… told my boss/client I might not be around for the weekly skypecall because of this, and hope my fellow ue4 brethren wont have this bug in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

link text

Thank you for all of the information! A bug report was written addressing this issue. I added in the private comments that .fbx files are affected in certain scenarios. You can view it here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-35608)