Mavericks or El Capitan for UE4?

Hi everyone, I just got started with UE4 and was wondering if anyone using OSX could provide some advice. Currently I’m using Mavericks with a 27" late 2013 non-retina iMac, with GTX 775M graphics card. I know it’s not the best set-up, so would updating the OS to El Capitan help? I’ve heard that Mavericks might be faster than El Capitan for some applications, but I haven’t seen anyone talk about UE4. And hopefully UE 4.11 brings in Metal support, in which case El Capitan would definitely be attractive. But in the meantime, is it worth switching?

I am using UE4 on El Capitan on an old Mac Pro, with no problems. I have noticed any performance differences from when I was running Mavericks. I think it would be better for you to upgrade.

El Capitan is a good way to and in fact you kind of need to with 4.11 if you are using light baking. Also Metal in the editor is awesome - v. noticeably faster.

Thanks romfeo, glad to hear!

Good to know, thanks Anadin. Looks like I’ll see about updating then!

That’s not actually true - the known Nvidia crash when building lighting only affects Metal in 10.11.0-10.11.3 and this was fixed in 10.11.4. Users of 10.10.5 use OpenGL to render and aren’t affected by this problem. Basically you only need to be running 10.11.4 if you want to use Metal for rendering. I’d very much encourage updating to 10.11.4 and Metal rendering because it is better than OpenGL on Mac and is where all future Mac graphics development will be focused.