Maverick User UEngine Redownload

I don’t have an ISP. I downloaded on a macbook at work, I copied the contents of the Shared/Users/ both folders to a middleman PC server then to my usb to transport home for my iMac… There were some errors on transfer, I think some elements weren’t copied with properties or something. When I launched at home, it said I had no projects, and I had to redownload the Engine, but the folder has over 8Gb worth of Unreal. Is it possible I have to wait for an ISP, or is there a way to do this so I can use it at home? I even tried to move the contents to my Admin Account Folder in Users.

Hi Sumugan,

Here is another user that we are working with on a very similar issue. Try the suggestions that Swifty has posted there. If nothing works, reply to his last post letting him know that you are also looking for a solution on moving the editor to another PC.