Mauriccio - 3D Environment artist

Hello everyone!

My name is Mauriccio and I’m a 3D Environment artist. My portfolio

I started using Unreal in 2012 to learn about game art and my passion is to create game environments with realistic elements on them. If you are looking to decorate your environment and need some help I would be more than happy to give you a hand with it!


  • Create Game-ready assets
  • Create PBR materials
  • Create UE4 master materials to use across all your environments
  • Optimize your scene to increase the framerate
  • Decorate a level using UE4 toolset
  • Create modular pieces you can use to decorate your level

These are some of my work samples, you can find more in my portfolio:

I’m looking forward to decorate your environment!

You can reach out to me by the forums or by any of these links:

Email: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord username: Mauriccio#2624

I just finished this scene. Moving up to a new project now! You can see more screenshots at my portfolio

How are you at building Urban Scenes?

Could certainly use an Environment Artist in Rival Playas, developing the city.

See this Topic here , if interested:

Hey @JonDavis99 thanks for reaching out.

I can definitely make Urban Scenes, it all depends on the scope of the project and the size of the map. If you are interested we can chat more in Discord. My id is Mauriccio#2624