What if we are living on a matrix “hosted” in Mars(we’re martians) simulating the earth as a part of someone’s experiment to see if we will try to go home, and the NASA’s itch to get to Mars just confirms it?

I think of things like that when I am bored

Mars mission have to be stopped. Humans have to fix earth first.

You imply Earth is broken; it’s doing just fine. We on the other hand are not, and are rapidly facing problems with overpopulation.

If the species is to survive, it needs to colonise other planets, and even other systems - that’s not dealing overpopulation, but cataclysmic events are not that infrequent.

We rather face another grim future: mice utopia

Human body is unfit for space colonization, our body needs so many conditions to survive for long time that basically only earth provides it.

Imo, Genetic engineering and human clones will overcome the mice utopia, and yes, human body sure, but genetic material in robots will be ok for space travels.

Also back to OT. What if whole universe is simulation? Mars is very unhabitable for humans, radiation and low gravity. Even Moon would be better for colonization than mars (as bad as mars if you don’t count atmosphere, and on mars we need space suits anyway, but much closer to earth).

There are very serious tests going on right now trying to find out if this whole thing is a sim.

actually we are really in a sort of matrix, if you are a believer …

and some day we will open our eyes and minds