Matrix Vehicle in UE4

Hey all,

Got bored so I decided to put a model my girlfriends old car in UE4. Its an old model so its not perfect. It still needs some seats and other details.

Check it out!

Love it! How did you go about setting up the car in UE?

I just used Epic’s youtube videos on setting up a simple vehicle, and I just went from there.

TheAgent, Will you please help me create and set up a vehicle? I’m hearing-impaired and YouTube’s “Automatic Captioning” is piece of s—. I have 3D Studio MAX.

Good job that looks like fun :slight_smile:

I don’t use Max I use Maya, so I’m unsure how much I could help you. Did you try downloading the FBX? It has the model set in a heirarchy. If anything I can just subtitle it for you.

I downloaded Autodesk Maya 2015 this morning. Can you help me set up the car in Maya?

I don’t think he’s being disrespectful - as he said, he can’t follow the Youtube tutorial because he’s hearing impaired. Think he was just hoping somebody might be able to point him towards some instructions he’s able to read vs. hear.

I think he was more referring to

That piece of software costs between 900 (maya LT) and 4.500 Euros (full fledged version).

He could also just have the student version, so no need to judge or make rash choices.

I realized i’m much too busy to really subtitle the videos, but the important thing is to have 5 bones. The root bone and the 4 wheel bones. Following the videos should at least let you see what you have to write in and which menus to go.

The way the guy did it in the video he used a hierarchy where the body was the parent and the wheels the children. UE4 then detected this and created bones automatically by setting import rigidbody. Unfortunately this didn’t work well for me, so I just created bones.

I have the student versions of Maya 2015, 3DS Max 2014 (should I get 3DS MAX 2015?), and AutoCAD 2014 (should I get AutoCAD 2015?). I found the tutorial at for creating vehicles for UE4.

I doubt you need AutoCad, You can just try either Maya or Max and feel which you feel most comfortable.

I may have made mistakes while creating the vehicle in Maya or setting up the vehicle in UE4. When I try to play the game, either the ground and the vehicle are tilted or the vehicle goes flying off into space. I tried the following tutorials:

Does 3DS MAX have commands for creating joints?

Is there *.mb or *.max file of the vehicle that came with the vehicle template?

There is an FBX in epics first Vehicle video that you can download.

I think I got the car working properly after checking out the crude car in the FBX file that I downloaded from Epic’s first vehicle video. In 3D modeling program, you’ll need to create car body and four wheels, and name them. Make the wheels children of the car body. You don’t need bones or joints or links. Follow the first vehicle video when setting up the car in UE4. I think I need to increase the tire traction to stop the skidding when making turns.
How can I simulate car’s rear-view mirrors? How can I have the camera located at the driver’s eye view rotate left and right by pressing keys to simulate the driver looking left and right after stopping at the stop sign?

You can use either bones or a hierarchy. I recommend bones as you can have better control of where the bones are placed. You will need to add a SceneCapture2D component in the cars Blueprint, then somehow display it on the HUD via the texture.

You can probably bind the keys and make some kind of look at rotation for the camera.