Matrix 4 coming in a week, perfect time to present you a Mod I made 18 years ago for Unreal Tournament 99.

MATRIX EXPLORER - A Mod from 2005, were as a fan, I recreated the scenes from the first Matrix movie.

It was my really first big project.
I learned a lot from it and it make my passion for 3D and Level design still burning today.
I worked on “Unrealed”, it was the ancestor of the recent Unreal Engine.

You can Download the Mod and play it in UT99 game.

or simply watch the Full Walkthrough here :
MATRIX EXPLORER - UT99 Mod - Full Walkthrough



Greetings, @Cleveyus, and thank you for sharing this historical gem on the Unreal Engine Forums! I had an absolute blast watching your Matrix Explorer Full Walkthrough video! As a Matrix fan myself, I must say you outdone yourself with this creation! Oh, the nostalgia. :grin: I know you mentioned that you created this 18 years ago, but do you by chance remember how long it took to arrive at the finished product?

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mhh… Good’ol times, Love it! :sunglasses:

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Hello @Zezkaii , happy you appreciate my work and enjoy the video. :slight_smile:
I do it with passion, it took me few month to achieve this.
First by looking each scenes of the movie and draw them back on paper, to know the place of each furnitures, size of rooms, lighting, appropriate texture etc…
Next build all in Unrealed, this was the funny part for sure, but have to learn many things first… and at this time internet was at 56 Kb were a simple research on google take so much times. :grin:
I then saved this project for myself happy with what i’ve done and learned.
The recent announce of Matrix 4 and Matrix Awakens on Unreal Engine make reminded me this Mod, so I recently make these videos and the amazing best Cover ever for it :grin:
Enjoy all ! :+1:

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The pleasure is all mine! One could say the amount of effort on your part to create Matrix Explorer was unreal. :laughing: But I’m glad that you did! Kudos again on a fantastic job done, and I hope to see more works from you in the future!

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@Zezkaii Thanks for your kind words ! Sure more things are coming on UT99, UT2004 and UE soon.
In the meantime you can watch the “Unreal Dreams” serie on my channel, they are videos were I recreated with UE the dreams I made on night… :grin: :+1: Hope you like it !

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No problem at all! I will definitely check out your “Unreal Dreams” series, and I look forward to seeing some if not all of the projects you embark on next! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful work here in the Unreal Engine Forums. :sunglasses: :+1:

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