Matrix Explorer - An UT99 adventure

Matrix 4 is coming in a week, perfect time to present you a Mod I made 18 years ago for Unreal Tournament 99.

MATRIX EXPLORER - A Mod were as a fan, I recreated the scenes from the first Matrix movie of 1999.

It was my really first big project, I learned a lot from it and it make my passion for 3D and Level design still burning today. I worked on “Unrealed”, it was the ancestor of the recent Unreal Engine.

You can Download the Mod and play it in UT99 game.
Link : MATRIX EXPLORER - UT99 Mod by Cleveyus

or simply watch the full Walkthrough on my channel.


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I saw it on Old Unreal Forums. When exactly Unreal Gold Steele Dawn gonna be ready?

Helllo @Gamerz31w Im not really sure to understand what you mean by ‘‘Unreal Gold Steele Dawn’’…

User Delacroix on Discordap private/direct message told me it’s gonna take several weeks(that’s one of lost expansion packs)and user Unreal Yrex told me it’s on youtube in the comments section below that it will maybe take 1 or 2 moths to finish this.

@Gamerz31w Whats related to Matrix Mod ?

Well nowadays it would be considered slightly different game mod for Unreal Gold,these days.

Matrix Mod is already done ! Already available.
What your contribution on ‘'Unreal Gold Steele Dawn ‘’ ?
Are you looking for something ? If so, Come PM… :+1:

Maybe I would help with Unreal Gold Steele Dawn,but I’m permanently banned from Old Unreal Forum someone possibly reported me. It was originally intended to be temporal ban. It seems user Unreal Yrex and Delacroix are interested in unofficial,opensource,homebrew,bootleg,fanmade,game project revival of Jazz Jackrabbit 2 sequel that was cancelled from in the past.

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