Matrix Awakens Demo and MAss AI

I just watched the Matrix demo, really impressive technology all around. I am curious about the Mass AI feature around the half way mark.

I did a couple of searches and found a reddit post

and wiki mention

Has there been any other information released on this particular feature? I have lots of questions but did not want to ask if official documentation had already been released and I am just not finding it


No documentation has been yet released. It’s early WIP, a lot of API changes on the 5.0 branch.
I only noticed it thanks to the habit of reading GitHub commits, that’s why I mentioned it on the wiki :slight_smile:

Thanks @Moth_Doctor I figured as much.

I noticed the guys over at Digital Foundry did an interview with epic and released a video that had a little info on the Mass AI and other systems

Saw a bit more discussion the last few months since I made that post, saw some folks trying to use the system in the UE Slackers discord.

Aside from that personally just continuing to monitor this exciting stuff, it seems to be very WIP (there was a big refactor of the code a while ago)