Matinees in UDK vs. UE4

So in UDK, I could add an event track to a matinee and then in Kismet the matinee node would create a new output pin where I could fire off an event. In UE4, with the blueprint graphs, I have NO idea how to do this. I’ll add an event track to a matinee, but I have NO CLUE where that key-framed event can be accessed. Any help here? Blueprints are kicking my ****…

Create your event track and event keys in Matinee. Then select the Matinee actor in the level and open up Level Blueprint. Right click on the canvas and you’ll see Add Matinee Controller for MatineeActor action. Add that and you’ll get the gold colored node you can see here which will give and update every event key you create.

Perfect! Thanks, Jacky!