Matinee Video Export

Hey all, quick question. After reading some documentation and going around the forums, I still can’t seem to find the solution to this simple problem. I can’t for the life of me determine where the video file is being exported to when I hit the, “Movie” button in Matinee. I’m just trying to render a simple, 5 second fly through of an environment I created. When I hit Movie, the new window opens and it begins rendering the camera sequence. However, as soon as it finishes my sequence it switches to follow the third person character, and I’m left with nothing to do but close the window manually. I can’t find any options to choose my export location for the video/image files.


Just add a “quit game” node into your level bp which will be activated when the matinee has finished or when you press a key. After that just open your project folder - saved - video captures -> there you will find your video/pictures :slight_smile:

Thanks so much , I knew it was something obvious! Always comin’ to save the day

I’m interested too! :smiley: