Matinee turn anti-clockwise instead of clockwise on last frame

Im making a circle route in the mid air with some keyframe registered. I’ve set my last keyframe as my first one using copy paste to make it loop again seamlessly. The problem is that the camera turns anticlockwise instead of clockwise while moving to the last frame. How can I fix that?


Moving to last frame


Turns anticlockwise


Hey YoshiroTee,

This has to do with the way the engine handles rotations. You should be able to fix it by doing the following:

  1. Go into Matinee and right-click on the Movement track for your camera.
  2. Select Split Translation and Rotation.
  3. Right click on the last node (the one you copied from the first node) in the Z subtrack of the movement track.
  4. Set the number it gives to its negative equivalent (within a 360 degree circle). For example, if the value is ‘100’, make it ‘-260’. If the value is ‘’-310’, make it ‘50’.

That should prevent the camera from turning the wrong way during that last segment.



thank you Jonathan, but instead of changing to its negative (result: rotate Z twice in full circle in the same direction), I’ve added 360 degree to it and work perfectly =)

Glad to hear it!