Matinee Transition

Hello! I am transitioning the matinee at the first frame which is totally fine, but is there any way to transition back to the player camera when matinee is finished? Thank you!

Hey Jacky! I am doing the begining transition with Director group in Matinee. There is only one camera, so basically, player is crouching down and it lasts for few seconds, and after that I want same and smooth transition back to the player!

How are you handling the transition at the beginning and how many cameras are there in Matinee?

Ok, then do this; when matinee begins set the Matinee’s camera as the current camera with Set View Target with Blend function in level BP. And then get the Matinee controller node, which has a Finished execution pin, and use it to set view target back to player controller using Set View Target with Blend node again, but this time set a blend time for smooth transition.

Hmm, can you post your BP setup please?

Thank you. That almost worked, out transition is there, though when it is transitioning back my player becomes super small. It looks like that something like eye height gets super low.

I solved it. Needed to set player pawn as the new view target after the matinee is finished. Thank you again Jacky!