Matinee start with a shot of the "PlayerStart"

Hello everyone,
I am having an issue in creating cinematic. When the engine start with the matinee there is one frame that show at the “Player Start” camera shot (MovieFrame0001).
How can I fix it?

-instead of a player start, just drag and drop your character bp into your level + start it (then it will start from the character bp position)
-or just delete the first frame (easiest way) :smiley:

Remove the first frame was the first thing I thought of :):):slight_smile:
I took your first suggestion but does not solve the problem.
I would like to create a video “play on level load” and the shot of start compare in this case too. Maybe something wrong in my case:
i created a “blueprint” of the matinee with nodes “Matinee actor control” and “quit game”, “event beginPlay” and “Play” target is matinee actor. Matinee timeline has the Camera start key to 0.0 and Director the same.