Matinee spinning during playback

Hi all,

When creating a matinee and setting keyframes, we are seeing multiple rotations being added to the camera during its movement.

For example, create a matinee, create a director group and a camera - create a keyframe at frame 0 on the movement track of the camera, and then another movement keyframe 1 second. Move the camera forwards for the 2nd keyframe. When we play this simple matinee back, we are experiencing several camera revolutions on the Z axis only. (i.e. the camera is staying upright but spinning in circles)

Any ideas?

Hi Ineni,

Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this issue in Beta 5 using the step that you have provided. I am happy to report it is no longer occurring when I tested using our internal build. This rotation issue should be resolved in a future release of the editor.



Thanks Alex