Matinee Render movie shows animations too late

Hi guys,

We are currently working on a cinematic short movie. But when I render out a shot using matinee movie, the vehicle is showing up out of the blue and shortly after the character appears in the shot, while they should both start at the beginning of the shot.

We are not using UE4 as a game engine but as a render engine. So the animations of the hoverbike, character, and camera are simply animation files(FBX) triggered by matinee.

Also, why is a random orb spawned?

We are using version 4.5.1

Any idea why this is happening? Inside the editor it looks all good.

More info on the project:

For anyone still experiencing tis problem: setting the Mesh component flag to Always tick pose and refresh bones on the skeletal mesh actor seems to fix it.

Thanks for the solution.

No prob. Glad it helped