Matinee - Relative Location?


Animating objects in UE4 with Matinee is a very cool thing.
But one issue is making it useless:

I’ve built a cool door with a nice animation for it. The door-pieces are modular and can be copied together in special ways wherever I need them in the level.
However, the matinee doesn’t work anymore correctly when I actually put the door with it’s animation somewhere in the level.
The matinee-animation still works for the door, but it snaps back to the point where I created it. In the end the door is on the correct place in my level, the animated door-pieces, however, play somewhere else in cyberspace. Total mess.
I think a lot of people here are struggling with this, 'cause I didn’t find a resolved answer anywhere.

I know, I could handle “dynamic location animations” with the “move to” node, but it’s not so handy - especially when it comes to fancy animation things.

Please help me out!
I need a way to copy a matinee, or it’s movement tracks and reuse it for different objects and their location.

So long,