Matinee Record Gameplay / Player Camera


I’ve had a good google about this and even searched the Documentation but I cannot find a way of recording from the players POV.
When I have managed to get Matinee to look from the players POV, I then don’t have any control.

I achieved this by creating a matinee, and a directors group, forced the level to play the Matinee on Begin then went into Matinee and hit “Movie” and disabled cinematic mode.
This caused the new window to load looking from the players POV but I had no control over his movement.

If I have to record the gameplay like a Youtuber, what is the best way to get the highest FPS and most consistent play back?

Would it be using the EXTERNAL Game window upon Play? and Using DXTory or MSoft Encoder?

I hear FRAPS doesn’t work with DX11 Unreal engine 4,

Create a Director track, dont set any keys for it and it will record from the player camera(or whichever camera is active.) And make sure Disable Movement Input and Look at Input arent enabled in the Matinee actor’s Details.

Using Fraps or Camtasia is a lot better for recording long gameplay sessions though.

Edit: Fraps does work(at least for me) with UE4 as long as you close UE4 before Fraps when you are finished with them. Otherwise the computer freezes. I’m not aware of any other side effects.

Hey ,

I did exactly what you said, but I still cannot control the player after I hit Movie, so it wont record my player movement at all

On a side note is there a way to cap the FPS in Unreal so it can be more consistent with the Matinee recorded footage?


Did you set Matinee to play on level load in Details panel?

And you can use this console command to cap the FPS: t.MaxFPS 30

I previously used to Play it via Level Blueprint On Level Begin, but I tried the tick box still no luck, it spawns me in my player location, the games running like it should, but NO movement is possible for the player,
Thanks for the console command too btw

Matinee is pretty finicky and not user friendly. This is especially true if you are used to working with non linear film editing suites like me (After Effects, Final Cut Pro, ect.). The option to ‘Play on Level Load’ works the first time you set it up, but if you start tweaking things (deleting cameras, ect) it seems to break (at least in my experience). I use the work around in the link provided. Hopefully it works for you too. Good luck.