Matinee randomly rotates the camera

I have a camera following a path around an object, and it seems that it feels that randomly rotating a full 360 in the opposite direction is perfectly fine. Why?

Now that I’ve had some sleep, I can give a better explanation of what I am trying to do.
I have the camera starting at the base of an object. This object is roughly 40 meters in height, and I want the camera to rotate 540 degrees, clockwise, around it by the time it reaches the top. After reaching the top, it should now continue back down, still following the same rotation direction, and end up at the starting point. All the key points are being placed at 90 degree points around the object, with the camera pointed at it.
What seems to be happening is, when the camera is coming back down, between the 2nd and 3rd key after the top, the camera stops pointing at the object and rotates counterclockwise 360 degrees, while still following the path, until it’s looking at the object correctly. It then continues to the bottom correctly.
I have deleted the keys, and recreated them, but still get the same effect. I even tried placing a key between the two in hopes that it would force it to work, but it didn’t help.
Any ideas out there as to why this would be happening?