Matinee plays automatically without setting it to

I’ve made a matinee that I would like to play after you enter a trigger box, but the problem is that the matinee would play automatically without setting it to.

It seems that you don’t check what kind of actor overlaps with your trigger volume. Try printing out the name of the actor that causes the overlap. You may have some issues with collision settings and maybe e.g. floor is colliding with the trigger volume.

Also, check whether the Matinee actor that you created has “Play on Level Load” turned on (it should be off obviously):

Yes, the landscape and a few foliage are already inside the trigger box. How would I set it for when only the character player overlaps, the matinee would play? For the matinee itself, I only have hide player and disable movement checked, I made sure “Play on Level Load” was unchecked. Also, I have a trigger box overlapping a Static Mesh on another level, but I didn’t have the same problem I’m having right now.

This is how I solved the problem… I casted the box trigger to the player character in that level.

This helped me alot thanks!

You’re welcome my friend