Matinee performs a quick pause on Actors and Camera every Keyframe...

I have been having a funny issue with matinee, it seems that moving actors and cameras do a very quick pause on every keyframe. So the motion is smooth and continuous between keyframes, but on every keyframe I get a quick pause (from actors and camera). It is especially noticeable when a camera or actor’s motion is very fast, the pause at every keyframe turns the whole scene into a stutter as if the camera is taking steps. I have tried every interp mode available and none fix the issue. The pause is visible in both editing mode and on export. Any ideas on what could be causing this?


Does matinee do this for everyone? I am trying this morning and it still pauses actors and cameras at every keyframe. The engine feels it’s necessary to come to a stop on every keyframe before moving on to the next keyframe instead of providing a continuous motion between keyframes. Is this how matinee is supposed to be by default or is something wrong on my end?

It’s possible that you may have added an extra keyframe at each spot. For me, it runs smooth, unless I purposefully add an extra keyframe.

I really don’t think I have, it happens at every keyframe. Even very spread out from one another. I have been analyzing my frame rate specs, is it possible that frame rate is dropping at keyframe data? Is it possible a below average graphics card could be culprit?

I am looking into that, though it is surprising that even the export has the same issue if it is in fact graphic card related

I have the same problem, did you solve it?

Sounds like your animation keys tangents are not set. Open up the curve editor window, if it’s not already open, and edit your tangents- this is what would cause what you’re describing. This isn’t a bug, but is in fact how all animation packages work and it a basic part of the animator’s workflow.

2017-01-18 10_59_54-Matinee User Guide _ Unreal Engine.png

Thanks a lot, it works!

awesome, glad to hear that!