Matinee or Cinematic.

I was curious to know if anyone is still using Matinee? I know I will get told of for preferring Matinee!

Have used both but for day to day work of animating Walk-Throughs of Exhibition Stands and events, I find I can put stuff together and edit far more quickly when time is limited.
I still love the fact it can be controlled all in one area. I for one hope it remains as a legacy, because it still does what I need.

Hi guys, are there specific matinee workflows you’d like to see in sequencer? All cinematic engineering efforts are going towards sequencer, so it would be good to have you guys switch over if it makes sense. Thanks.

I switched over to sequencer a wile ago and I’m glad I did. After the initial short learning time it’s a lot easier to use. Especially when you have many short camera shots and a lot of changes.

I used cinematics but had some difficulties putting the shots into the master and having it work. seems finicky . I finally got it working correctly , then I set it to auto start , but it kept overriding my save games and starting me back at the beginning of the level. also overrode my checkpoints , and whenever a savegame would load it would replay the cinematic over and start at the beginning of the level.

If i wanted to make a cinematic of say , following my character around as he walks in my level, do i use the sequencer for that? So far in sequencer i have only used still character and camera moves.

Apparently there will be a day sooner or later when matinee will be removed from the code so you better start using sequencer :wink:

Have played around a bit more with camera cuts and have got it doing what I need although not as quickly as say matinee but guess that will come with more use.

It could be made a bit simpler to show when a key is active. In matinee it would turn red. Also the movement string was more consistent in showing up.

I stick to Matinee because I haven’t had free time to use Sequencer yet. Sounds like I need to learn it soon!

Before it’s removed, Matinee will be just deprecated for a long time; so I didn’t switch yet.

Is there some documentation on how to make a movie in sequencer? Say i wanted to have a cutscene where my character walks up and something explodes. How do i get that mesh or whatever to show as exploding in a cutscene. I have to run the explosion effects and record it?