Matinee not triggering in level blueprint perhaps due to Character Blueprint ?

Hi - in my level blueprint I have an ‘event tick’ reading an external sensor.
This sensor reading is passed into a dynamic textfield on a widget based within my characters blueprint.
This is all good - no problems.

I want to have a cinematic matinee sequence trigger at the start of the game before it cuts to the player start location of the game, unfortunately the matinee won’t trigger, it goes straight to the game play. There is nothing wrong with the Matinee sequence as it has worked up until this. I’ve checked the level blueprint in simulation mode and the Event Begin Play node connects to the Matinee node but only for a second (the matinee sequence is 20 seconds long).

Could the ‘event tick sensor reading’ in the level blueprint prevent the matinee playing ?
Does the fact that there is another Event Begin Play node in the character blueprint cause a problem (should I put in a clause that prevents the character being spawned until the Matinee finishes ?..if so what is the character spawn node I should search for ?