Matinee not able to change key frames after splitting translation and rotation


I’m currently working with CameraAnims. I would like to work with split key frames so I can normalized the velocity of the camera. Unfortunately as soon as you split a track, everything breaks. You can’t move the camera anymore inside the view port, because it won’t be able to adjust key frames. Adding key frames works fine. But than you constantly have to remove the old ones and it becomes tedious very quickly.

In the following report Andrew talks about it being an intended workflow. But I don’t think this is the case. Since the workflow before splitting is very useful, being able to adjust key frames is necessary when making camera animations.

Even if it is an intended workflow for split key frames there is a bug when undoing the split key frames. Because than you don’t have any split frames but are still unable to adjust any keys.

To reproduce:

  • Create CameraAnim in the content browser.

  • Create new movement track.

  • Create a couple of frames

  • Enjoy the power of being able to adjust those frames.

  • Split the translation and rotation of the movement track.

  • Try to adjust frames. (Is not working)

  • Press ctrl+z to go back to before you split the frames.

  • Try adjusting frames ones again (Doesn’t work anymore)

Hi Roel -

I can see the limitations presented by Matinee that you are describing above. Currently the only way around this is to have a camera parented to another object and key both object independently in the Matinee, so a default Actor would translate and the camera would rotate. Alternatively, you can import a camera track from Maya or Max and matinee will accept that information into the level.

I will say that with Sequencer this problem has been eliminated, by allowing individual keyframing versus keyframe all.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Cool! I’m currently using CameraAnims a lot for my game. Will the CameraAnims automatically hook into Sequencer when it is released? Since it is basically just a couple of translation keyframes.

Roel -

On release with 4.10, Sequencer will be in Experimental (read alpha/beta) and while I know that the intent is for this to be true, it may not be available right away. I do know that it is on the top of a few want/need lists.

Eric Ketchum