Matinee movement keyframe is forgotten about?

Hi, I’ve got a little quirk here in U.E. 4.8.2 (downloaded through the Epic Launcher) that I’m trying to solve. I’ve put together a cutscene for an academic project using Matinee. It has two characters who spend the whole scene interacting. We used mocap to individually capture each character’s movements, then within Matinee applied some minor movement keyframing to make the overall animations line up with each other in the environment. I also have the characters using animation blueprints to implement some things like head turning and aiming correction.

There’s a quirk though: Sometimes, when the director track cuts back to the character, the character jerks into position, as though UE forgot about the keyframed movement and remembered to reposition the character after it is in view. I’ve attached an extremely short video clip showing the issue- you can scan the frames to see for yourself. Any idea what this might be caused by? And any idea how to fix it?