Matinee : how to respect InGame skeleton mesh simple movement

Hi everyone

I have some issues with matinee. I imported a skeleton mesh from C4D r16 (some kind of UFO) with a simple rotation witch works perfectly when I launch my game.
Now I want to export a movie sequence of my level. So I created a Matinee Actor, a camera linked to a director group, and finally a cool travelling ready to be exported.

The problem is I can’t see any movement on my ufo mesh when I play my camera movement on matinee. There must be something I missed, I can’t beleive I have to recreate my mesh’ movement using matinee. Do you know how I can keep my mesh movement ?

I am also working on 4.10

Please help

Oh my mistake, I just put on “enable animations” and it works !
Haha problem solved :slight_smile: