Matinee Help

So i have a character that can crouch so i decided to add some things to use crouch for. I made a air vent thing to crawl around inside of and then i thought at a point lets make the air vent fall. So i have a matinee event that makes that part of the air vent fall. But i ran into a problem that i’m not sure how to fix. After the matinee starts the camera clips through the top of the mesh while the matinee plays. And remains that way until i use the crouch button again. I think that when the vent changes position it does not keep crouch enabled. Is there a way to keep crouch on?. Or is there something in matinee that i should turn on to keep this for happening like a cinematic mode or something. I’m not quite sure what the problem is i’m just taking guesses.

Check the Matinee actor Details and see if Disable Input is enabled. If that’s not the case, create another camera for the Matinee sequence and keep it active until the animation ends. Also keep the whole sequence 1-2 seconds longer than the actual animation so that you can set a keyframe for a smooth transition from the matinee cam to player cam.