Matinee help, how to Copy and past actors using matinee

Ok so I am trying to copy an actor that uses matinee but, when it plays it goes to the position of where the first instance of the matinee actor was animated, how do i make it so the actor stays in the same spot instead of moving?


Does anyone know? I’ll try to explain it better what im doing this time. Ok so I have a door actor in my level, I animated it with Matinee. Now I need to re use the door over 45 times in different spots. It would be very difficult to re animate the door each and every single time, so what I did is I copied the door and matinee actor to another spot where I wanted it, but when I hit play in matinee for that door, the mesh teleports back to the original spot where it was animated and does not stay in the new location it is put, how do I fix that? I never had that problem in UDK, so I dont know where to begin on this.