Matinee. Function "no reset on rewind" trouble

Hi. I must doing something wrong, but the function “No Reset on Rewind” doesn’t work as expected.
I would like to rotate a cube 90° every time a trigger volume is overlaped so that brings the cube at the same location after 4 times.

For that i created a matinee that rotates the cube 90° and a trigger that plays the matinee each time i overlap it. I activated function “Rewind On Play” to be able to play the matinee again and “No Reset on Rewind” to keep the cube’s location after each matinee play.

But Actually, after the matinee is played and the cube is rotated 90° when i overlap the trigger again the cube reset at is default location before rotating again 90° (So the cube doesn’t make a full 360° rotation after 4 times triggered)

Any idea what i’m doing wrong ?