Matinee fbx export import got screwed

I export fbx from matinee (animated camera actor) then I open another level and import that fbx file.But…the animation curve is not the same as the previous scene. How is that possible?!

Hey Musetatron,

Would you mind providing me with some simple reproducible steps so I can get this to occur in a new blank project?

Specifically the steps and options you took when exporting and re-importing the FBX matinee data. An image or two is usually pretty helpful when providing these steps as it will aid in the process of efficiently troubleshooting your issue.

Just in case you had not seen it prior, take a look at our Matinee User Guide documentation and see if that also provides any additional insight.

Matinee User Guide - Exporting/Importing Matinee Data


exporting matinee window click camera icon on director group ( not know if this neccessary)
2.on matinee window menu > file > export all
1.create new level > go to matinee window> file > import
2.ok when ask to import camera
please see attach images. “1” and “2”

I use ue4.8.3

this is what my problem look like…the camera position ramdomly(or not?) displaced.

Hey Musetatron,

I did some more digging and found this is a know a reported issue, UE-1312. Currently this is not a major priority or focus as we are in the process of revamping our Cinematics editor (new name Sequencer) as well as our new Particle Systems editor (Niagra). Unfortunately, I am cannot provide you with an official release date of these improvements, but they are coming.

Thank you for your time and let me know if you have any further questions.


OK. I will keep that in mind.