Matinee Fade Out's not working

Hi, just updated my project to 4.11 and none of my fade-outs in any of my matinees work anymore. Has anyone else experienced this? or suggest a fix?

I tried creating a new fade out in a matinee as a test and still not working. Might be helpful if someone can try out on their own copy of 4.11 and see if
it is just me!


Ok after a bit of fiddling I have found a strange behaviour. If I set the bloom in the global post-process volume to anything above 0 the fade outs work?? Can anyone explain why this would be and if it is possible to fix it without adjusting bloom - sorry this now seems more like a ‘rendering’ problem and possibly in the wrong sub-forum

I’m having matinee fade issues as well in 4.11…they seem jumpy & not smooth

I had an issue with that as well, changing sg.PostProcessQuality from 0 to 2 worked in my case