Matinee Export at fixed frame rate?

Hi. I have a matinee sequence that I wish to export at a fairly high resolution - 3840x2160. Expectedly, the frame rate drops during the export. This isn’t an issue since the exported file plays back properly.

The issue is I have a Media Texture in the scene that is playing back a video clip. I understand the problem with trying to sync the 2 frame rates together, so I want to work around the issue by fixing the matinee export at a low enough frame rate and then adjusting the playback rate of the media texture to match.

The video clip plays at 25 fps, so what I ideally want to do is:

  • Force the matinee to export at only 1 frame per second, or even 1 frame every 2 seconds.
  • Adjust the playback rate on the media texture to be 1/25 or 1/50 accordingly.

This way I know I will get the video to play back at the correct rate in the export.


Still having this issue in 4.14 tried adjusting framerate and locking framerate. I think the video playback is handled on a different thread so no matter what we will have this issue unless we can sync the threads

Some solution found here?

I am dealing with something similar