Matinee Events Not Visible in Level Blueprint

I have been having alot of issues with UE4.18 as of late and this is yet another new issue. I hope some one will be kind to help here. I am still working on a gate for my project and am having a HUGE amount of trouble trying to figure out how to add the matinee reference to my level blueprint. First I was having the same issue with the trigger, box but ended up having to delete it then replacing it a few times just to get it to work. I do not wish to keep on creating a NEW Matinee a few dozen times to get it to work.

Here are the steps I am doing to get it to place the reference to the level Blueprint:

First, I Click on the matinee in the project window.


Next, I go back to my Level Blueprint, right mouse to open the window to select the reference I like to get.


Now, in this menu their should be an option “Add Reference to GateMatineeActor” but I fail to see it in the list in the image above. Can some one please tell me what I may be doing wrong or is it a bug in UE4.18?