Matinee editor in 4.14

Could anyone please confirm if the old legacy matinee version still works in 4.14. I’m still intending to use it until I get up to speed on the new sequencer.

The problem I am experiencing is when I go to record my sequence it just does a simple pan from the actor and not what I have set up in the director group. If I know it’s still working then it must be a setting I’m missing out. But has always worked fine for me in previous releases.
Many thanks

I’m still using Matinee for my RPG in 4.14.1, it’s working just fine.

There’s a plugin enabled by default now to convert Matinee actors into Sequencer actors, but I haven’t tried that yet.

Many thanks Soverance. In that case it must be something I am doing wrong! Will retrace my steps and see if I’m missing a setting. But at least I know it still works.