Matinee Editor being removed in the near future?

I heard that the Matinee Editor which I use all the time is being removed from the editor in the near future? Does that mean there will be no way to make cinematics anymore? Also will you be able to access “Movie” (Create a movie) section once it is removed? This is what I use all the time to make short films. Just clicking movie and then recording footage whilst moving the character around. Please can someone help?


We’ve been putting all of our cinematic efforts into the Sequencer tool. Here’s some documentation to get you started:

You can also convert your existing matinees to Sequencer and go from there:

For recording footage, you can use take recorder, which produces level sequences that you can tweak after the fact. This documentation refers to virtual production workflows, but take recorder can record any PIE/editor actors:

Good luck and let us know if you have any feedback transitioning from Matinee to Sequencer. Thanks.