Matinee/Dropped Frames


I’ve been experimenting with all different fps and output settings for an AVI Movie with the highest capture resolution in the movie mode of Matinee in UE4, but am still ending up with dropped frames in the final mov. When I’m in the movie mode window I’ve been using the w and s keys to fly around the scene, which results in ultra smooth movement in the live view but not in the final mov. I’ve also tried using lower capture resolution, and lower/higher fps, but the dropped frames persist. I’m aiming for ultra smooth sweeping camera movement and be able to shoot 30fps, AVI mov at 1920x1080. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Could it be my video card?

Move Mode settings:

About my mac pro:

Example of dropped frames for 30fps AVI mov:

Thank you!

The video example on Vimeo, failed to process, re-uploading now.

Have you tried rendering out single images instead of an AVI?

My last experience with that is from UDK, but back then AVI always caused issues for me.

I have tried using jpeg image sequence, but it doesn’t look as fluid, so maybe the matinee movie function is not entirely stable… :’(

Hello. I may be able to help. I was also recording video and having the frame rate issue. However, I found that, whenever I opened the video file into VLC player it would run through a loading type of process. Once it fully loaded the video and reached the end of the video, I was able to then play the video file without any frame rate issues. So, just record the video in the level sequencer, it may look like it is skipping lots of frames and taking a while to finish re (I setup 6 cameras for 6 different shots, each shot lasted 6 seconds. I recorded one camera at a time. For 6 seconds at 1920x1080 60FPS using 16:9 DSLR Cine Camera, the video size is 2.78GB, so make sure you have storage) then try loading it with VLC player (which is free) let the video load one entire time (you will see the video play, stop, load, but let it load fully to the end of the video. After that, the video will play every time with no frame rate issues. Hope that helps.