Matinee Door Weird Sound Glitch

Hello. We’ve created a door, that is animated with Matinee to open/close. There’s, however, a very weird issue - the sound when closing the door plays once immediately upon pressing ‘E’ and once again when it closes. We’ve made the sound cue play ‘on reversed’ when the door is closing, and we’ve timed it correctly (so it starts when the door is almost closed). The weird thing is, that it happens only the first time we close the door. Afterwards, it functions normally - opens with a sound, closes with one as well. We’ll include a video (showing the problem and our level blueprint) as well as a picture of the matinee (since the software didn’t capture it).
Matinee set-up :

Problem and world blueprint :
(PS, the video is being uploaded as I’m writing this, so if it isn’t up, give it a couple of minutes).
Thank you!

Yet another bump. I’d like to know whether this is a bug, or it can be fixed. Thaanks.

Hi Todor,

This might not be a solution to your issue or answer your question but after watching your video it seems you are using matinee for gameplay events which I believe Matinee isn’t really designed for. I use the Timeline node with success for opening and closing doors complete with sounds. You may want to have a look at this.

I would guess because Matinee’s are supposed to be for cinematics that there is some residual events happening that are interrupting matinee somehow.

Then, how do we add a keyframe in the timeline, when the sound is supposed to play? Because we had that method before, but we put the sound with ‘delay’, so that it would play every time you press ‘e’. That made it, so if you open/close the door continuously while it’s half open (triggering it to basicly dance around the middle of the animation) the sound would play every time you press ‘e’. Any suggestions?

Hi Todor,

I can answer this but cannot post my blueprint till I get home tonight. Basically you need to keep state of the door and only perform certain actions when the sound is activated and only activated it on keypress if it isn’t already playing.

I use a FlipFlop and Branch nodes to stop, start and end sounds. When I get home tonight I will post the network for my ship door so you can take a look at it. The keypress and animations are flipflopped so its only either opening or closing the door. The sounds and animations play by testing whether the flipflop is opening or closing. Stopping sounds and animations are also performed the same way.

This is how my door is setup complete with sounds that stop and start when supposed to using timelines. The Sound cue graphs can be edited to add any delays you may need to add.

Dear ,
Thanks a lot for sharing this! Will give it a try and let you know if it works for us. Thanks again!

We faced a small problem - the door closing sound is only supposed to play ONCE the door is closed, and we have no idea how to implement that into your blueprint setup. Any ideas? I mean, the sound starts and stops all well, but if you try to close a door, while the animation of it’s opening is mid-way, it will still play the sound with the same delay. Our animation is 2 seconds long, so our audio is 1.8 seconds of silence and a ‘bang’ at the end, so if we interupt the opening animation and close it earlier, the door closes and the sound still plays 1.8 seconds later. That’s why we want to do it with matinee. Thread is still open, still need answer is possible.

Hi Todor,

To make this easier have you thought about editing your audio to create two separate sounds? I wouldn’t leave silence in a sound wav as you can add silence in the cue and adjust accordingly. Then I would do the following.

This is just a suggestion.

Give this a go, create two timelines, One for opening and one for closing. Try hooking up the play cue of the sound to the Finished output of the timeline. This output should only execute and play the sound when the animation is finished.

Alternatively if you can’t edit the sound have you tried to created two sound cues referencing the same source sound but altered them to start at a specific time?

The first suggestion (two timelines) would potentially work, for closing the door at least. The problem when opening, is that the sound should start only at frame 1 of the animation, and even if you interupt the animation mid-way and you open the door while it’s halfway through closing, it will still play the sound. This will de-sync the sound and the animation.
The second suggestion - I have no idea how to add sound to start at a specific frame of a timeline. That’s why I’m trying with matinee.

First you’d need to determine what time you would like the sound to start. Lets hypothetically say I want to start my sound at 0.13 seconds in or greater if there is frame lag.

We need to branch off the sound and only play it if the timeline is at a certain point in the animation. (0.13 seconds). We can check this value with Get Playback Position. (Not sure if there is a component like this for matinee but there is for the new sequencer in 4.12) and then branch off the main line of execution with Branch and play sound only if the time is >= to the playback position. You can further expand this with flow control, and don’t play if the timeline is already executing or play if it isn’t.

I hope this gives you some ideas for a solution.

You’ll need to play around with Get Playback Position Node and experiment with it for your situation. And only play if the sound is currently not playing.


Ah… The things is, we’re using 4.9 for our project and when we tried to go for a newer version everything went wrong - meshes being displaced, and pretty much chaos everywhere… I’d really like to finish this with matinee, since everything is working except that sound that plays twice on the first door closing. If there’s any way to remove that sound, that would be great, if not, we’ll try to think of a way to make it…

Anyway , you being the only person here to try to help us, I’d like to thank you a lot for your time and patience. Still open for suggestions on how to remove that play-the-sound-twice problem on the first door closing.

We managed to fix our problem.
The thing Unreal does, is it automatically plays the sound once on reverse, so I decided to make an audio file with complete silence, and put that in front of the ‘door closing’ sound, so it automatically plays it once by default. Then, when we get to the door closing itself, the audio of the closing door plays at the right keyframe. Yay!
Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:
Picture of the matinee :

Glad to hear you solved your problem Todor well done!