matinee doesn't resume sound when I stop and play in level blueprint

I am working on a project, where I animated a lot of things in sync on a music track in matinee.
But now I am making a menu, where I am able to pause and resume the matinee animation.
This worked well with all the animation in matinee, but the sound doesn’t resume after I resume matinee again.
I use the play and stop function on matinee in the level blueprint. The pause function has the same problem.
Is play and resume with audio not supported in matinee? And if it doesn’t what could be a alternative approach?
I tried creating an other actor with the music in a audio component attached, but those also doesn’t support a way to resume the audio, as far as I could find.
It would be really great if somebody could give me any advice on this.

Having the same problem. Question was asked multiple times by different people at answer hub but all of them were ignored for some reason. So I assume it’s one more bug.