Matinee doesnt record hud or any UMG?

I have tried with cinematic mode on and off. As well as playing with the hide hud check marks. on and off. No matter what I do I can’t seem to get my hud to be recorded in Matinee when making a video. It shows up there and is interactive during the recording, but doesnt show the interaction in the actual video.

Is this a bug? or is there something else I’m missing somewhere?

Not a bug, Matinee does not record anything related to UMG.

I see ok. Thanks.

If I wanted to make a video showing off my fantastic inventory UMG, I’d have to use third party apps then? no way within the editor?

Yeah, just use a 3rd party screen capture tool. I usually use Nvidia’s shadow play video recording stuff, lets me capture at 60Hz.

I have that, just never tried it. Will use that for UMG stuff.

Any plans to allow this functionality in the future? Shadowplay might be better even in terms of speed of capture. Sometimes matinee is really choppy for me. But I’ll test shadowplay and see, if so I’ll just use that exclusively from now on.

Thanks again,.